Truffle Hunting and Tasting

Discover how and where grow truffe, find and tasting them.

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Truffle Hunting and Tasting


Truffle hunting tours on a limited basis. Take a tour around the farm and truffle orchard with me and  my truffle dogs, Ola, Brezza and Aisha. They will demonstrate how they work together to unearth the truffles. After that you will relax in our guest hose for tasting truffle dishes and our wines.  A real Tuscan tasting.

Truffle Orchard

What is a truffle? How is it possible to grow truffle? Can you do the same at home? What is the Wood Wide Web?

Truffle dogs

How do the dogs can find truffles? Do you need special dogs? Is it difficult teaching dogs to find truffles? 

Truffle Tasting

How many truffle varieties exist? Is it difficult cooking truffle? What’s the best pairing for truffle?

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