Our winery is a special place, where our family and collaborator work together to create Tuscan traditional and most innovative wines. It’s a place where people come to awaken their palate by celebrating and learning about the many nuances of wine: growing and tasting, pairing and serving, buying and cellaring.

Family winery
We are a little winery managed by our family and we do our job with passion and quality is our goal. We live in a house within our vineyards so also a low impact farming method it’s important to save the land and environment where our kids grow.

We produce white Doc and red IGT wines made with Sangiovese and other Tuscan not common and ancient  grapes such as Pugnitello and Fogliatonda and Grechetto. We also love to do experiment with non local grapes (Semillon, Incrocio Manzoni, Gewurtraminer, Nero D’avola etc..) but we mainly focus our passion into our local grapes.

This year our Pugnitello wine “Leopoldo” has been selected in the top 100 within the “X selezione di Vini di Toscana”,  moreover the Touring Club wines guide 2013 wrote it’s the best Pugnitello of Tuscany.

We produce around 35.000 bottles year doing a selection of the best grapes of our 35 hectars of vineyards.

We produce 8 different labels: one white, one rosé, four red, two dessert wines. All our wines got  prices and good evaluation from different wine guides and magazines including Winespectator.

Wine tour experience
Common wine tours including light lunch, winery/vineyard tour and wine tasting. Visitors to the winery can choose from a rich variety of winery experiences from tasting out in the vineyard to learning the art of pairing wine and food – at Santa Vittoria farm there is something to suit every taste.

Drink and learn!
Taste and learn the basic characteristics that make up your favourite wine styles at this Santa Vittoria Sommelier led wine and food experience. The event begins with a tasting and tutorial about a style of wine made at Santa Vittoria Estates, its  characteristics and what went into the making of it.

Our vineyards (35 ectars) and olives trees (3200 trees) grow over hills up to 300 mt in the little nice Scannagallo valley where the battle of Scannagalo was fight. (You can see the Scannagallo battle with our valley and hills fresco by Vasari in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence)

Our grapes and our wines
We produce around 35.000 bottles year and 8 different labels: 1 white, 1 rosé, 4 red, 2 dessert wines, doing a selection of the best grapes of our vineyards (we take just 8 hectars of totally 35 hectars) using mainly Tuscan grapes such as Sangiovese and special ancient grapes like Pugnitello and Foglia Tonda.

We also grow and use other grape such as Grechetto, Semillon, Gewurtztraminer, Cabernet S. and others because we love original Tuscan grapes but we also love to enjoy verifing the potential of different type of grapes in our land.