Tips for Touring during Harvest

Harvest in Tuscany and in our farm, typically from end-August through October, bursts with vibrant golden yellow and crimson colors, mingled with aromas of ripening fruit and crushed grapes.

Visitors witness first-hand the dynamic energy of grape growers, winemakers and cellar workers ushering in the year’s bounty. The annual Tuscan Crush is a once-a-year opportunity.

Driving the country roads in the cool, early morning, visitors can watch the mastery of vineyard hands as they rapidly pick the grapes, carrying them in bins to a waiting truck for transport to the cellar. Or, depending on the region, they might view mechanical harvesting, where large machines travel the rows of vineyards, harvesting the fruit in their mighty jaws.

In our farm we do both. We do the harvest picking by hand for the grapes we use for produce our wines, after we do mechanical harvest for the grape we sell to othe wineries.

If you want to try this experience contact us for details and booking.