stemmaThe cellar was built by the noble family of Mancini Griffoli  at the end of 8th century.The cellar was built by the noble family of Mancini Griffoli at the end of 8th century.

The area is well suited to agriculture for thousands of years as evidenced by the remains of a Roman villa (loc. la Cisternella) visible to little more than a mile from the farm.

The Valdichiana up to ‘500 was mostly covered by water, the hills emerged was therefore the place to build and cultivate the fertile lands for the people already pre Roman Empire, such as the Etruscans of which were found many tombs on the high street ranging from Foiano to Pozzo della Chiana.

In the XVI sec our Farm was the place where happened the Scannagallo Battle. You can see a big fresco made by Giorgio Vasari in Palazzo vecchio in Florence about this battle.

The Battle of Marciano (also known as the Battle of Scannagallo) occurred in the countryside of Marciano della Chiana, near Arezzo, Tuscany, on August 2nd of 1554, during the Italian War of 1551. The battle marked the defeat of the Republic of Siena in its war against the Duchy of Florence, and resulted in Siena losing its independence and being absorbed into the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

In the 80s the Niccolai family bought the farm and starts hard work of reorganization of the farm, particularly vineyards.

Today the vineyards extend over 35 hectares and are home to many varieties including some ancient indigenous grapes varieties red recovered in recent years such as the Fogliatonda and Pugnitello.

We spent lots of enrgy in research has great importance for the development of the quality of wines and agricultural products. We cooperate with the CRA (Agricolture research center) doing yearly sperimentation focused on wine making and grapes. The entire winemaking process from grapes to bottling and labelling is done by ourself in the cellar.