Boccon Ghiotti Tuscan dry pasta made with stone ground flour
Ancient durum wheat with special taste.
Special tasty dry pasta. It is made with ancient wheat stone grownd flour and dry with the LTDP method. Only Durum wheat Certified 100% from our farm in Tuscany.
Ingredients: Flour of Ancient Durum Wheat Cappelli, Water.

Our Boccon Ghiotti dry pasta shape (also known as pappardelle) is made following the rules of craftsmanship with use of bronze dies and drying at low temperatures (50°-65°C), exclusively utilizing Stone-Ground Flour  made by Silvestri water mill, using only Durum wheat Certified 100% from our farm in Tuscany. Our Boccon Ghiotti pasta shape of Durum Wheat are manufactured with only genuine ingredients and without added of eggs, they are packaged by hand as want the Ancient Tradition and the type of processing gives them roughness similar to homemade pasta.

The LTDP 50°-65°C method preserve the nutritional properties and doesn’t produce nocive sostance. The hight temperature industrial method 90°-125°C used by the most of the famous pasta brand, destroys the most of nutritional elements and produces Furosina that’s a genotoxic agent.

Grain Backward
Durum Cappelli Wheat, Durum TumminiaWheat
We’re going back in time, celebrating grain varieties that have remained untouched for hundreds and even thousands of years. We work with the Italian University research center CREA to reproduce in our farm old varieties.  We grow the wheat in our farm with a Low Impact Method (Integrated Pest Management) and after we bring to the 500 hunfreds years old water mill of the Silvestri’s to transform the freshest, highest quality grains into excellent flour and 4 varieties of special pasta thanks to the Fabbri’s. As you taste our grain-focused products, you will get to know the biodiversity of one of the most important foods on our planet. And they taste delicious, too.

“Boccon Ghiotti” – Ancient wheat Cappelli and Tumminia