Just 20 mn far from our farm there’s the thermal area of Rapolano and just a little more far there’re other charming thermal places such as Bagni di San Filippo, Petriolo, Chianciano terme, San Casciano and much more.

In Rapolano you can visit two different Spa. Both of them offer special discount to our guest.

Terme antica querciolaia:

Terme di San Giovanni:

All this thermal places offer offers its clients a wide array of treatments aimed at recovering a perfect psycho-physical form; beauty treatments for the face and body, massages based on Oriental and Western traditions for aesthetic and healing purposes.

A medical orientation interview for all our guests, included with every treatment, is a fundamental way for us to assess the characteristics of and choose the most appropriate thermal itinerary together with you.

Moreover the most of this place, specially in Rapolano, offer a wide range of thermal treatments and therapies that answer to different needs: from therapy to prevention to wellness.

A range that is fruit of medical research and a knowledgeable exploitation of thermal water that, through its different uses, unleashes its natural therapeutic virtues. The thermal water, collected in appropriate reservoirs, favours the maturation of mud, transferring to the clay those mineral substances that are indispensable for our body’s health.

Water mixed with air or with water vapour finds, through aerosol, mist and inhalation, a very useful application in the treatment and prevention of many otolaryngological and respiratory conditions, both in adults and children.